Kundli Matching For Manglik girls & Boys

The next problem when we do match making, we become afraid when the astrologer tells us that our child is a manglik & fear is installed in the minds of the parents especially for the girls. The planet Mars seems to be especially harsh on girls & there proposals are either discarded or selected with utmost care. There is also a lot of confusion as who is a manglik. Some astrologers take its position from lagna & some from lagna, moon & venus. This makes 80 to 90 percent people manglik & Pseudo astrologers charge heavy amounts for remedies or kavach.The planet mars rules blood in our bodies. Scientifically, if the Rh factor of the bride & bridegroom are same then during childbirth, some medicines are prescribed for the girl. In earlier times, people noticed the same & avoided such proposals.

Now coming to the question whether a Manglik can marry a Non-Manglik, there are certain things that can help determine the answer depending upon the individual case.

Match-making should be done scientifically & keeping important factors in mind. The prime importance should be given to longetivity. If a chart promises good longetivity, even if a manglik marries a non-Manglik, no harm is caused. Next, bed relations & promise of child birth should be analysed. Children act as catalyst for most marriages to survive. An astrologer should also judge the financial aspects & advice accordingly.

Cancellation of Mangal Dosha

There are certain combinations and placements in a chart that can nullify the Mangal Dosha completely. When assessing the chart for presence of Mangal dosha, the possibility of following combinations should not be ignored. Having any of these placements in the chart cancels out mangal dosha.

  • If Mars is placed in ascendant in either Leo or Aquarius sign or Aries is cancelation
  • If Mars is placed in 2nd house in either Gemini or Virgo
  • If Mars is placed in 4th house in either Aries or Scorpio sign
  • If Mars is placed in 7th house in either Cancer or Capricorn sign
  • If Mars is placed in 8th house in either Sagittarius or Pisces
  • If Mars is placed in 12th house in either Taurus or Libra sign
  • Debilitated Mars placed in 8th house
  • Venus & Moon in 2nd house
  • Jupiter & Venus conjunction in either ascendant or 7th house.
  • Mars is placed in movable signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
  • Mars is placed in Nakshatra of Ketu

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