A Manglik girl can always marry a non manglik boy and vice versa. The only thing which is required to ascertain is to check the compatibility of nature, gana and spesifically to Naadi. After preparing the D9 chart for both the candidates, the remedial solutions need to be followed which takes away all the problems associated with a happy married life.

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It is rightly said that the position of Mars on 1,3,5,7,8 and 12th position suggests different types of manglik character. The answer to the asked question is yes, a manglik girl can marry a manglik boy. You are required to match the kundalis of both the boy and girl to calculate the overall matching points.

The gun milaan and saadhesaati dosh also plays a significant role while taking decision on go or not go decision. The madhya and Antya Maanglik girl would be better compatible and happy with a strong manglik boy provided the Jupiter and Saturn are aligned away from each other in boy’s kundali. This suggests a strong possibility of having a sound health, wealth and long life.

In addition to all these aspects, a small Mangal puja is sometimes required after 2–3 years of married life to rectify any remaining bad effect associated with both the kundalis. This can be performed at your home only.

You should also check the kaal sarp dosh in girl’s kundali which also has solution through puja by performing it specifically at Nashik or Varanasi.

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