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What is Manglik and Manglik Dosh?

As per Hindu belief and mythology, Manglik  Dosha refers to the astronomic mix wherein Mars or Mangal lies either first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth place in the birth chart or in the horoscope of a person. Any person who has been conceived in the said condition is referred to as Manglik.

In order to get married especially, it has been seeing that the Manglik person has to face many hardships and troubles in getting married. As per the belief system and astrologers, the Manglik person or individual has to get married to Manglik only so as to pacify the Mangle Dosha or Manglik Problem Solution.

The Astrologers suggests many remedies especially “How to get Rid of Manglik Dosh” or how to solve Manglik Problem, it is believed that these remedies can help in removing the bad effects of Mangal Dosh.
Effects of Manglik Dosh and the Remedies or Solutions
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There are many ill-effects of Manglik Dosh but at the same time many very effective remedies which can nullify and mitigate the bad impacts of Manglik Dosh. Few of the Remedies are as Follows:

  • Nullifying the Manglik Dosh by making two Manglik individuals Marry: In case both the partners are Manglik or have Manglik dosh in their horoscope, then Marrying both the individuals with each other nullifies the Manglik Dosh.
  • Coral Gemstone or Red Gemstone: In order to nullify Manglik dosh, the Red Coral Gemstone is found to be very effective. It affiliates with the planet Mars. Wearing this Red Coral Gemstone prevents the negativity of Mangal Dosh. The Red Coral Gemstone ring is worn in the third finger of right hand specifically on Tuesday Morning.
  • Worshiping the Lord Hanuman & Fasting: Fasting on Tuesday in honor of Lord Hanuman and worshiping.
  • Chanting Navgraha Mantra: Manglik individuals are advised to chant the Navgraha Mantra to remove the negativity posted by Mangal Dosh.
  • Worshiping in Temples: Worshiping and visiting the Navgraha temples reduces the ill effect. Lighting the Ghee Diya is also found to be very effective.
  • Alignment of Mars in the horoscope
  • Marrying with Earthen Pot or Kumbh Vivah: The Mangal Dosh can be treated with the help of making the Manglik Individual marry the earthen pot or Kumbh Vivah.
  • Making the Offerings commitment to the Lord for pacifying the Mangal Dosh impact.
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